What is a cannabis association?

The goal of cannabis associations is to grow marijuana to supply and distribute cannabis among its own members. In order to avoid the risks linked to the sale of marijuana on the black market and the non-compliance with legislation on the cultivation and consumption of psychotropic drugs.
To become a member of an association it is essential to be partners and be part of the association. By being a member, you will be entitled to consume within the club facilities, an amount of marijuana agreed and limited per month. Sales to third parties are never allowed as there is a traffic offense.

The proposal, a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) was approved in June 2017 in the Parliament of Catalonia. It was presented by the Rosa Verda group that started the movement by collecting signatures to be able to create enough proof to get is approved in Parliament. This initiative is one of a kind in Europe because it establishes guidelines for growers by law so that the crops are not intervened by the police. The maximum amount that the cannabis consumer can buy in the club is agreed upon beforehand.

The law regulates these clubs have to be non-profit associations, which are constituted under the existing legal framework, with regulations such as the self-supply and distribution of cannabis among its members, with a recreative or therapeutic purpose, who are of legal age and consume the goods in the club perimeters. It is also important to note that the law contemplates that the marijuana associations are legally constituted and recognized by law and are the only ones authorized to cultivate and will not be allowed to produce more than 150 kg of dried marijuana per year. To be able to transport the goods to the club they must process an authorization that includes the information of the association, the identity of the carrier, the destination, the date, the quantity and the type of product that is transported.

“Cannabis associations or clubs are local private non-profit locations where you can consume marijuana as a member, as long as you are of legal age.”

“In Catalonia, there are more than 400 marijuana or cannabis clubs with their production and distributing regulated by law.”

“In 2017, Catalonia passed the law that regulates the consumption, cultivation, and transport of cannabis.”

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