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Zanzi Weed club lies in one of the best areas of Barcelona, at the front of the Port Olympic. Port Olimpic is an iconic place of night life and of waters sports with its wonderful beach. Zanzi Weed club Barcelona is a 5 minute walk from Ciutadella Park and a 1 minute walk from the Grand Hotel Arts, the Casino and all the nightclubs.


At Zanzi Weed club, it is our job, goal and mission to become and remain the best Weed club of Barcelona. We believe that to start this goal off, we have to have a nice Weed club and to love it ourselfs, more than anyone.

#1 Quality Marijuana

We always offer the best weed available in our Weed club and it must meet our high-quality requirements to ensure an intense and pleasant effect for you to enjoy. Our assortment is of a wide variety of indicas and Sativas.

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Enjoy alone or play together with friends some video games, movies, football games, board games and arcade games which are available on our establishment. Feel at home in Zanzi Weed club!


In Zanzi Weed club we have vending machines with a wide and diverse variety of snacks and drinks available. We also work with restaurants in the neighbourhood to offer you a wider range of food.

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  • Open everyday from
  • 11:00 till 01:00
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