Everybody likes to smoke in their own way. Some prefer rolling with tobacco or pure and some use a bong or another smoking tool. We all have our preference. But trying new ways of smoking can be a lot of fun or at least a new experience. At our Social cannabis smoking club, you can come and try your smoking gadget. We can recommend some nice ways of smoking in our club.

The Bong

The most known reason why people use a bong is that it uses water to cool and filter the smoke. Smoking a pipe or other a rolled joint can cause a chance of inhaling ash or tar. But because a bong filters the smoke through the water you can be certain you don’t inhale anything that you don’t need or even want. A side effect of the water filtration is that it also cools the smoke. Maybe you don’t realise but direct smoke is always warm to hot. It depends on how close you are to the fire. But with a bong, the smoke has to go through the water that is on, at max, room temperate. Which causes the smoke to cool down to the same temperature. Some even add ice to cool the smoke even more. Some say that the cold temperature lets you enjoy the flavours of the smoke better than when it’s hot.

The downside of a bong is that it needs maintenance. After using the bong the residue of the smoke that is filtered out by the water will create some sticky and nasty stuff. You would want to clean that after each use so you can keep having the pleasure of inhaling a cool and tasty smoke.


This is the most common way of smoking. Probably as far back as our history goes. Roll-up your weed (and tobacco) in a thin paper with a roach or filter and there you go. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will need to practice before you can enjoy a nice rolled joint with your friends. If you already master this skill then you can up your game by trying to roll one of these joints.

The downside of smoking with paper is that your also smoking paper. Which is not really the best thing to inhale.