Our (Smoking) Recommendations

There are a lot of things to do when you smoke and chill. We have some recommendations we want to share with you and you can read them here. Have fun and enjoy!

Places to visit in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Located in the heart of the city, the crown jewel of Barcelona. The "Sagrada Familia". Construction of Barcelona's iconic (but controversial) church is expected to be completed in 2026, a century after the death of Gaudi. There is a nice park where you...

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Table games to play in our cannabis club

Best way to spend time with your friends in the cannabis club is to play a little game or two. One of the side effects of playing board games is laughing, this release of endorphins relax muscles and helps the blood to circulate, which will lower your blood pressure....

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Ways of Smoking

Everybody likes to smoke in their own way. Some prefer rolling with tobacco or pure and some use a bong or another smoking tool. We all have our preference. But trying new ways of smoking can be a lot of fun or at least a new experience. At our Social cannabis smoking...

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Places to go with the munchies

We offer snacks and drinks at our social cannabis club. But for a full meal, you're going to need something heavier. Fries, ice cream, salads or a whole chicken? We can recommend a few places close to our cannabis club that offer great food that will definitely...

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Music for smoking

Stoner music playlist This first playlist we recommend is filled with awesome (mostly hip-hop) tracks. The list is created by a Spotify user and contains over 39 hours of nice music to smoke to. Smoke and Chill mix playlist Youtube is filled with chill-hop mix set's....

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Rolling techniques

1 - The Cross Joint This is one of the most popular and famous joints ever to be made. The Holy Cross joint. Check out this video of Seth Rogan explaining how to make apex of the vortex of joint engineering. https://youtu.be/vayXUHhcUWM   2 - The Tulip Joint Do...

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