We offer snacks and drinks at our social cannabis club. But for a full meal, you’re going to need something heavier. Fries, ice cream, salads or a whole chicken? We can recommend a few places close to our cannabis club that offer great food that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Rembrant cafee barcelona


Just around the corner of our social club, you can find Rembrandt Cafe. As the name suggests it’s a Dutch bar/restaurant. They offer various Dutch snacks such as frikadellen and bitterballen. If you need something heavier, we recommend you try one of the burgers from the menu. A great meal for a nice price!

FrescCo food buffet


FrescCo is an all you can eat buffet. A buffet where you can create your own menu and where you can have as many helpings as you like. At FrescCo we have a wide variety of healthy and very, very tasty food. To start, you can create your own salad by combining our more than 30 ingredients. If you prefer, you might opt for our seasonal salads with your favourite dressing.

Farggi ice cream


A Barcelona based ice cream company that has several locations in the city where they sell their product. They make fresh ice cream and sweet snack to give you a certain sugar rush. If you want to get a ice cream you only have to walk 3 minutes from our social club.


Chicken Bar

Chicken Bar is a unique place in Barcelona where you can taste the best roasted chicken. It is the perfect place to share a meal with friends or take a drink on the terrace and just a few minutes away from our club.